Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter notebooks are a quick way to explore new ideas. With TinyMind, a fully functional Jupyter notebook is one click away. Access your past notebooks, as well as create new ones, by clicking on Notebook in the top menu.


Notebooks are free, and each session can run consecutively for up to an hour. You can restart a notebook at any time.

Launching Notebooks

If you just want to quickly try things out, use the New Notebook button to launch a blank notebook. The process of setting up a notebook is intentionally similar to starting an execution.

New Notebook

New Notebook

If you need to debug an existing model,

If you want to dig into a dataset, go to its profile page and click on the Use in Model button. Then, click on Try in Notebook to launch a notebook with the dataset preloaded. You will then have the chance to set up the environment and dependencies for the notebook.

Database in Notebook

Database in Notebook

Once you are ready, click on the Start Notebook button to start your notebook!

Start Notebook

Running Notebooks

Depending on your setup, it may take a minute for us to prepare your environment and load necessary data. The page will automatically update itself when your notebook is ready. While you are waiting, consider adding a description for your notebook so that you can identify it easier later.

Running Notebook