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TinyMind is where high-quality models are built, fast. With an infrastructure that just works, tools for rapid iteration, and collaboration functions, your workflow is about to get a turbocharge.

Just-press-button model training

Setting up the right environment for a model is unpleasantly time consuming. TinyMind does all the heavylifting for you, so you can train your model with the press of a button.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 GPU Keras 2.0 Python 3.6 K
Succeeded 9:41 pm, Feb 24 Dropout 0.001 Iterations 10000

Your running record

Machine learning is a trial-and-error process. With a visual, reproducible record of every experiment, you can revisit, compare and tweak things with ease.

Collaboration made easy

Discuss and iterate

Document your thoughts. Propose new ideas. Ask others questions. Use collective wisdom to iterate faster and better.

Build upon each other

Don't reinvent the wheel, especially if it costs hundreds of GPU hours. Build on top of existing models and get a kick start.


Jupyter Notebook

Launch a fully configured Jupyter notebook with the click of a button. Experiment, discuss and share ideas in no time.


Quickly gain insight into models during or after the training process with always-on TensorBoard.

Fine-Tuned Performance

Our custom-built TensorFlow is up to 3x faster than the stock version, so your model will take a shorter time to run and cost less.

Distributed Training

Got a power-hungry model? Train it on a cluster of machines. TinyMind will maintain it, so you don't have to.
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Experiment in Parallel

Not sure what parameter values to use for your model? Try them all in parallel and figure out.

Easy Deployment

Deploy desired model version into production, on premise or hosted by TinyMind.
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per core per hour

High-performance Intel Xeon processor
6.5GB memory and 20GB SSD per CPU core for free
Choice of 1, 2, or 4 cores


per core per hour

Nvidia Tesla K80 GPU with 12GB GDDR5 memory
4 CPU cores, 26GB memory and 80GB SSD per GPU core for free


per core per hour

Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU with 16GB HMB2 memory
4 CPU cores, 52GB memory and 120GB SSD per GPU core for free
On Premise

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Bring your resource locally, on AWS or on GCP
Keep your data in-house
Same easy workflow through TinyMind UI
All paid users automatically receive:
Up to 5 concurrent executions
Up to 10 scheduled executions
250GB of free storage
Per-second billing
Unlimited private models and datasets
7-day execution run time

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